Also Known As:

  • Shockfleet; Tidal Wave; Mirage

Shockwave (Tidal Wave in English dub) is a powerhouse, one of the largest Destrons under Megatron's command. His power is backed up by a brain that doesn't exactly run at optimal speeds; he's not so much stupid as he is single-minded and easily frustrated, although his tendency to shout his own name repeatedly as a sort of battle cry doesn't do much to refute his reputation as a knucklehead. In battle he is merciless, an unyielding engine of destruction. He is unquestionably loyal to Megatron and his ideals, and will quickly sign up with anyone that promises power to the Destron cause. Shockwave takes on the name Shockfleet when upgrading to a new body. His Micron (Mini-Con) partner is Sonic (Ramjet in English dub). (Source: Transformers Wiki, edited)