Shou Oota

太田 翔

Shou is a sixth grader, and in the beginning, he is the last remaining member of the Momoyama Predators and because of that the Manager disbands the team. Shou loves soccer, even though he is pretty bad at it. Despite all that, he goes off to try to find members to revive the team. First he meets Erika and her dog practicing soccer in the park and immediately asks her to join. After "recruiting" Erika, they have a falling-out when she realizes that there is no team for her to really join. The two come across Shimizu Misaki in the park where they were playing and challenge her to a 2 v 1 match. The two are crushed but in the end Shou manages to steal the ball and score. Shou is very strong-willed and loud, and though his soccer skills aren't so good in the beginning he gets better over time. His greatest asset is his ability to never take his eye off the ball and to see the patterns in the way players move. Misaki says that he will grow to become an amazing soccer player some day. Shou typically plays left defender (Source: Wikipedia)