Shougo Makishima

槙島 聖護

A humanist who is hopelessly in love with cruelty, savagery, and all the worst aspects of human nature, Makishima is a manipulative anarchist who is just as ruthless in his schemes as he is in physical combat. A born evangelist, he possesses both an uncommon charisma and a true gift for narrative. Makishima is fond of books, as shown in his tendency to quote from famous literature. His weapon of choice is a barber's razor with engravings on its handle. Makishima was the mastermind behind the many cases that the Public Safety Bureau were investigating, including the one that led Kougami Shinya to become demoted to the position of Enforcer. Despite his murderous intent, his hue has always been pure white with a low Crime Coefficient count, thus making him immune to the Dominator weapon possessed by the Public Safety Bureau. As such, people like him are labeled as "criminally asymptomatic." Makishima used his resources to support various criminals as a means of uncovering humanity's repressed desires. Eventually, this would lead to a scheme in which he sought to uncover the truth behind the Sibyl System that governs Japan. Initiating his plot, he was confronted by Kougami Shinya at the upper floors of the building that contains the core of the Sibyl System. Though he was able to incapacitate Kougami in a fistfight, he was apprehended by Tsunemori Akane in a surprise attack. Held in custody, he is approached by Joushuu Kasei, in which she revealed the truth behind the Sibyl System, including the fact that Kasei merely acted as a shell that served as a proxy for the governing body of the Sibyl System. Due to the Sibyl System being run by the brains of the criminally asymptomatic, his past ally Touma Kouzoburou (who was integrated into the system) spoke through Kasei, in which he proposed an offer to Makishima to voluntarily contribute and become part of the governing system of Sibyl. Makishima refuses, however, wanting to remain as a player forever and ever in a game which he calls "life." Escaping the clutches of Sibyl, Makishima plotted to sabotage the food system supply as part of his plan to bring down the Sibyl System and put society in a state of chaos. Makishima's plot was foiled through the combined efforts of the Public Safety Bureau and ex-Enforcer Kougami Shinya, in which he is killed by Kougami in the final episode of the series. During his final moments, Makishima lamented his existence as a replaceable component of the society established by the Sibyl System, in which he reveled in the notion that he at least served as an irreplaceable enemy for Kougami Shinya. (Source: Fuji Creative, Wikipedia)