Shuuichirou Kudou

栩堂 琇一郎

The first Shuuichirou Kudou is a young doctor who rescues Kohaku from the tree where she is trapped. For this he is granted a wish, but isn't interested as he has everything he wants.

Shuuichirou is generally kind and trusting, but isn't one to seek other people's company—something that is remedied throughout the course of the story by the two angels, two demons and two servant demons who all move into his house.

However, when Kohaku is called back to Heaven she realizes how much she is in love with him, and when he comes back he makes his wish—for Kohaku to stay with him. Shortly afterward, he dies unexpectedly.
Shuuichirou then was reborn and Kohaku awakes from her slumber and was waiting his return.



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