Shun Shiratori


Age: 18 (debut) Shiratori Shun is an assistant for Ashirogi Muto's Perfect Crime Party and the mangaka of Rabuta & Peace. Shiratori comes from a wealthy family and has a sister. He applied to be Eiji Nizuma's assistant, but the editors had already filled that position, so he was instead hired as Ashirogi Muto's assistant. He was rejected from art school and didn't think he would make a good mangaka, but when he saw an advertisement to be an assistant he took the chance, not wanting to mooch off his parents anymore. Shiratori is a happy boy with simple emotions who easily blushes. He speaks what he feels. He loves art and feels that it should be seen and enjoyed by thousands of people. That is why he draws manga as opposed to his grandfather, who purchased art and kept it in his house where people rarely saw it. (Source: Bakuman Wikia)