Also Known As:

  • Shew
  • Syuh

Shuu is the successor of the Nanto Hakur� Ken (�斗白鷺拳 "South Star White Heron Fist") style and one of the Nanto Roku Seiken. He carries the burden of the Star of Benevolence (�星 Jinsei), who is destined to live his life for the sake of others. Originally Shuu was Souther's second-in-command, but was awakened to his destiny by a young Kenshiro. When Kenshiro was still a child, Raoh brought him to the Nanto Temple for a test of his worthiness. Kenshiro would defeat ten Nanto warriors or die in the attempt. Sensing that Kenshiro reacted to his ki, Shuu volunteered himself as the tenth opponent and handily defeated the boy. When Souther demanded his death, Shu refused and instead clawed out his own eyes, carrying Kenshiro from the temple. Shuu taught himself to see with his heart, and later leads a resistance movement against Souther. Shuu's son Shiva, who Shuu did not want taking part in his tragic destiny, dies saving Kenshir� from Souther after his defeat. Later, Shuu's hideout is raided, and Shuu allows himself to be tormented and slain to protect his young charges. During his final moment, he miraculously recovers his eyesight and sees the grown Kenshir� for the first and final time. When Souther is defeated, the summit of the pyramid (where Shuu died) leaks out Shū's blood, showing that the Benevolent Star wept even for someone as evil as Souther.