Shuu Kannogi

菅ノ木 愁

Shuu Kannogi (�ノ木 �, Kannogi Shuu) introduced during The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc, he is the fiancé of Lurichiyo Kasumi�ji. Kumoi made him family chief because he can then control the clan, becoming clan retainer. Shuu is not as adventurous as Lurichiyo, whom he calls "Luri-chan", and has never set foot out of the manor except in his ported chair. When he discovers that the Lurichiyo at the wedding was a fake, he decided to help Rukia and Ichigo out by pretending being their hostage. He then mainly traveled on Ichigo's back. When he saw Ichigo fighting with the Captain Shūsuke Amagai, he intervened by placing himself between them to stop them and beg Amagai to listen, which he accepted and ultimatly helped them. He loves Lurichiyo and tries his best to protect and save her. He seems to to feel safe by Ichigo and Rukia's side as he trusts them.