Shuuta Hayami

速見 秀太

Also Known As:

  • Cameron Clix

In the past, Shuuta was a well-known photographer who took pictures for people, not having a large career within it. He also befriended Kotori Mizuki in the past and took many photographs of her as she was deemed model-worthy by him and the people he gave the photographs to. Some time after this, Shuuta was taking photographs in a rose garden when he noticed a blank card on the ground, which turned out to be a "Number". Picking up the card, it transformed into "Number 25: Fullmetal Photoglide - Focus Force", and he was inadvertently had his desires amplified by it. This "Number" granted Shuuta to predict the future through photographs, namely to cause destruction such as making cruise ships crash and catching airplanes on fire whilst in the air. These masterful photographs awarded Shuuta many awards within the press, making him a wanted-photographer by many media organizations. Those which couldn't get him, wanted him gone as his photographs made the magazines he worked for sell better. (Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia)