Sid is one of the warriors of the holy city, he along with Galk fights Clare on the roof top while on patrol. He appears brash, arrogant and short tempered early on in the story. He later helps Clare in her fight against the powerful Yoma she was assigned to slay, resulting with breaking his leg. He later sees her and Raki off when they leave the city and gives her a good bye kiss (to which Raki kicks him in the crotch in the manga, and the two start a fist fight). He appears after the 7 year time skip and helps Miata and Clarice evade some guards. He does not seem to have the same arrogance or other rude qualities as he did during his first appearance. Later when the Former Number 2 awakened being Agatha attacks, he is used as the central point in the defenders efforts to take her down. While the guards distract her, he attacks her from behind; he is caught one step away from attacking her however. She commends him on his skill and offers to "have some fun" with him on account of his handsomeness, when he refuses she proceed in trying to kill him but he is saved by Galatea. He reveals that Raki had come to Rabona one year prior to Clare's arrival looking for her still, commenting on Raki's growth. He uses throwing daggers in the first part, and is seen using a short sword in his attack on Agatha (Source: Wikipedia)