Also Known As:

  • Queen's Inquisitor
  • Siggy
  • Shigi

A nun and an inquisitor belonging to the Pope's central office. She is an extremely strict, yet devoted follower of God who is responsible for executing those who commit heretic acts. Although many call her a cruel person, she is actually a virtuous woman, but she is too serious and inflexible and does not hesitate in judging people. Sigui is very eager to bring down the Rebel Army, who she considers to be a band of heretics, and sees their leader Annelotte, who carries demon blood, as an abomination. She also considers the use of alchemy as a heresy (even the Pope's central office has divided opinions on this topic). She is armed with the Holy Flame Mace and God's Chained Blade, and her fighting skills rival those of Annelotte's. Like Melpha in Queen's Blade, she is also a user of the "Divine Power", the manifestation of God's miracles utilized by the provocative "Holy Poses". Created by Odanon (Source: Wikipedia)