Sigurd Sveinnsson Svarthaed


Age: 16 Height: 175 cm Sigurd is the prince of Svarthaed. Prior to his transfer to Lotte's academy, Sigurd spent his time and money on drinking and girls. He first meets Lotte at a street corner, falling in love with her at first sight, but Asuha quickly disapproves of him. He is often regarded as a wolf due to his mannerisms, although mostly a pervert since during his first day at school, the school put up warning signs of "Pervert" with his face at the girls' side, courtesy of Dora, one of Sigurd's worrisome bodyguards. When Sigurd does sneak over to the girls' side, he meets Asuha again, where she calls him a pervert. When Sigurd discovers Naoya as part of Lotte's harem during lunch time, he immediately declares himself as Naoya's rival for Lotte's hand. Aside from his perverted tendencies, Sigurd is a famous and well-respected general in battle because of his country's warring state until as of recent. Ironically enough, he was trained in a strict military academy but Sigurd continues to act by his own rules and uses the skills he learned at the military for mostly stalking Lotte's group or escaping Dora's sight of view, just to join Lotte's group. His small crush in her turned into a huge obsession, to Asuha's disgust. (Source: Wikipedia)