Also Known As:

  • The Swallow
  • Migratory Bird

When first introduced in the manga, she works at a store called Mamurasaki Sports. Although part time, she quits later on to dedicate time to her team. This fact is not mentioned in the anime. Simca's intent is to gather all the Kings, and their Regalia, for the purpose of conquering the Trophaeum tower, and acquiring the Sky Regalia. She's taken great interest in Ikki, whom she believes is destined to one day become the legendary Sky King, and who has practically idolized her since watching her ride AT through his neighborhood. Despite protests, she convinces Ikki to take Genesis under his leadership after Kogarasumaru's triumph over Behemoth, and her interactions with Ikki eventually draws the ire of the new Sleeping Forest team, led by Ringo. She also appears to have a somewhat, though romantic interest in Ikki, and is not hesitant to allow him to grope her breasts. Though Ikki has no objections, and appears to have a crush on Simca, it is Ringo who always stops Simca from getting out of hand. These actions are not so persistent, and after the defeat of Behemoth, her character takes a dramatic change which is noted by Spitfire soon after. Simca, in later chapters, had her hair cut short and her usual care-free attitude of 'Migratory Bird' has all but disappeared, especially when anything related to Ikki is concerned. She constantly tried to get Ikki to formally sign on as head of Genesis but he refused, even calling her his 'enemy' something that brought tears to her eyes moments before she was attacked. Her most recent appearance was on board Nike's ship, where he aggressively expresses his sexual attraction to her by sexually assaulting her, and she plays along, although she prays for Kogarasumaru's safety soon after. Simca is again seen meeting with Ringo and Kururu to give Ikki the way to enter the gram scale tournament since they were disqualified, and Ikki asks her out to go on a "date" with her once the tournament ends, telling her to meet in the place where he discovered ATs and her for the first time though during the meeting she appears to be hoping to get a kiss from Ikki. After she boards back with Nike and Sora, she says the reason why she likes him so much is because of him being able to look so strong in one small moment, and is seen crying tears of happiness. Simca was one of the first-generation Gravity Children, along with Spitfire, Kilik, Sora and others. She is also Kilik's twin sister. In the extras of Air Gear Volume 3, the author shows that Simca had a much different character design which consisted of a tanktop, long arm gloves and pants and different shaped goggles, before her final image.