Slayn is a soft-spoken but powerful wizard. He and Deedlit are the only two in the group capable of using magic. Slayn's also an old friend of Ghim, and he usually has to calm Ghim down or intervene in some way to curb his fiery temper. After Ghim is killed and Leylia is freed, Slayn returns her to the Temple of Marfa. There, he learns from Leylia's mother that Lodoss was about to enter a terrible crisis, and he sets out with Leylia to join Parn and the others in a titanic struggle for the future of their homeland. Their time together will open up new feelings toward each other even as great darkness begins to descend upon the Accursed Island. His and Parn's paths will cross once more, as Parn must reach Marmo before it is too late, even as Slayn must face his own destiny to accomplish this.