Soichiro Jin

神 宗一郎

Year: 2nd Year Height/Weight: 189 cm, 71 kg Jersey Number: #6 Position: Shooting Guard Birthday: Oct 27 Voice Actors: Nobutoshi Kanna Jin is one of the best, if not the best, sharpshooters in Kanagawa, matched only by Mitsui. He originally used to be a center, but his slender build, slow movement and weak leaping ability never allowed him to perform well in this position. Instead of being discouraged, he became a shooting guard, where he could put his talents to better use. Jin became well-versed in 3-pointers as a result of making 500 3 point shots a day after practice. His coach was very much impressed by his tenacity and dedication. Jin has a very mild personality and is always looking calm and agreeable. Jin knows Fukuda from junior high school because they were both on the basketball team. (Source: Wikipedia)