Sora Naegino


Birthday: 23 November Height: 160 cm Blood type: O Sora is the main character of Kaleido Star. Her parents took her to Kaleido Stage when she was young. Although they died shortly thereafter, and Sora went to live with her aunt and uncle, Sora is inspired by this childhood memory to become a member of the Stage when she reaches adulthood. With her aunt and uncle's hesitant approval she travels to the United States to audition. While she wanders around lost, her bag is stolen. As a consequence of chasing the thief and speaking to the police, she is late to the audition; Layla will not allow her to audition, but the owner gives her a chance to perform in the actual show. Most of the cast do not accept Sora at first because of the special circumstances through which she joins; Sora wins them over with persistence and hard work along with a magnetic personality. In the beginning of the series Sora is the only one who can see the magical stage spirit Fool. This character reveals she has been chosen by the stage. In the first season, Fool reveals only she can perform the Legendary Great Maneuver with Layla. In the second, he reveals that she has the potential to become a "true star".