Sora Takeuchi


Also Known As:

  • The Sky King
  • Bro

Sora is seen as an easy-going friendly person, but this attitude changes later on to a more serious person. He is seen mainly in a wheelchair. In the original series, he speaks with a Kansai dialect. He is old friends with Rika and the rest of Sleeping Forest. Much like Ikki, he can be very perverted and earns beatings from Rika for it. He has three dogs, Stone, Cold, and Stunner, in reference to former professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin's signature move, the Stone Cold Stunner. Six years prior to the Air Gear storyline, he was betrayed by his teammate Kilik and lost the core to the Wind Regalia as well the use of his legs. But despite the loss of the use of his legs, he still possesses the same free spirit that seems to run in the Wind Kings. Despite not being able to use Air Trecks anymore, he is still pretty capable being able to be keep up with even experienced AT riders with his wheelchair that has AT wheels in it. During his time as leader of Sleeping Forest, he was romantically involved with Rika, but they broke up after Kilik's betrayal. Lately however, it seems that they are getting closer to each other once again. It is later revealed it was Sora who leaked information about the all the Regalias to the world including the Sky Regalia, from which various Parts Wars evolved between Storm Riders, and even revealing the location of the Trophaeum Tower to all so incompetent riders would retrieve the Regalias for him. (Wikipedia)