Soran was the leader of the planet Greecia's royal army. Because of an explosion he was in as a child, the left half of his body was actually made of metal. Tina first met him at around 3 years old, and he helped her find her way back when she lost her way in the woods. Later on in life he befriended Sess and eventually met the princess again when she was 16. Tina was originally betrothed to Sess, but she fell in love with Soran instead. Sess let them become engaged. When the scientists had to save Tina's spirit and transfer it to Earth, Sess killed Soran because he did not want to leave Tina's spirit in his hands. Because of this, Soran did not come into the story until the very end, where his reincarnation met a 21-year-old Helga and they reunited once more.