Sorata Arisugawa


A dragon of heaven, Sorata is an upbeat, irreverent teenager possessing considerable occult abilities, raised by the Shingon Buddhist monks of K�yasan after being taken away from his mother at a young age. A gourmand, he was frequently in trouble at the shrine for stealing food between meals (insisting that he couldn't wait until dinner), and is also a competent cook. It was prophesied that he would protect Kamui with his life, but that he would die for a woman; the first time he meets Arashi, he decides she will be the one. An incessantly friendly young man, he wears down the resistance of both Kamui and Arashi and worms his way into their affections, despite their initial coldness and his own unrefined Kansai dialect. In addition to generating powerful electrical discharges, he is also capable of calling upon a goh�d�ji, a magical being similar to a shikigami manifesting as a massive, hideous ghostly creature. It is psychically linked to Sorata, allowing him to spy on others and act at a distance from himself, but he suffers any damage inflicted upon it. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle In the Republic of Hanshin, he's a cheerful history teacher married to Arashi and is host to Syaoran's group when they first arrive. In the apocalyptic world Tokyo, he's one of the seven fighters of the Tower faction.