Sougo Okita

沖田 総悟

Also Known As:

  • Sou-chan
  • The Prince of the Planet of Sadists
  • S King
  • Bakaiser
  • Fusako

Age: 18 Birthdate: July 8 Height: 170 cm Weight: 58 kg Occupation: First Division Captain Shinsengumi Okita is the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi. Personality-wise, he tends to be light-hearted and somewhat childish though his speech is heavily deadpan. He outwardly displays annoyance and dislike for Hijikata, and continuously tries to kill (or at least badly wound) Hijikata whenever he has the chance so that he can become the Vice-Commander. Losing his parents at a young age, he was raised by his sister, Mitsuba. Thus, although he is sadistic and violent towards other people, Okita absolutely adores his sister and does everything he can to please her. Mitsuba is one of the reasons why Okita hates Hijikata. Okita viewed Hijikata as a rival for his sister's attention. He also greatly dislikes the fact that Hijikata treated Mitsuba coldly, although Mitsuba clearly showed signs of liking Hijikata. Okita has great affection and fondness for Kondo, who took him under his wings when he was little. He still regards Hijikata as one of his three friends (the other two being Kondo and Gintoki). He enjoys seeing women fight, finding the ugly looks on their faces as they grab each other being hilarious. He wears a distinctive eye mask when taking a nap during duty, which is a frequent occurrence. At one point, he refers to himself as the best sniper in the Shinsengumi. Although he is a master of kenjutsu, he uses a bazooka more often. He also regards Kagura as a rival after an unfinished rock-paper-scissors duel during a sakura-blossom party. He states that he'll "be the only one to defeat her", and usually calls her "China". In the original Japanese manga he likes to end his sentences in "~desaa" and "~desuzee." In Sorachi's original character design, Okita was a female, and wielded an umbrella. In the character popularity poll, he got 2nd place. In volume 12, Okita's age is revealed to be 18. Despite being under Japan's legal drinking age, in Edo, you can drink alcohol from 15. His name is based on the historical Okita Souji.