Shikou Soujin

曹仁 子孝

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Cao Ren Birthday: May 16 Horoscope: Taurus Age: 17 Height: 161 cm Blood Type: O Three Sizes: B-78 W-56 H-82 School: Kyousho's College, 1st Year Toushi Rank: B-Rank, A-Rank (self proclamed) Weapon: - Manga version A young student who launched an assault on Seito. She was given one of the Hyakuhekitou to use in battle but her gang could not get past Kanshou. She tried to distract Kanshou by flashing her shorts in front of him but he knocked her out instead, her own men attributing that she looked too boyish for that plan to have worked. Anime version Soujin's first major role in the anime was in the Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor series. In the beginning, she was present at Kyoshou during Bachou Mouki's attempt to fight Sousou Moutoku. Later, she was chosen as one of two Kyoshou representatives (the other being Kyocho Chuukou) sent to participate at a tournament on Nanban Island, which was actually a trap. Captured by Nanban fighters, Soujin was the one who identified Ten'i among the attackers, giving the viewers a clue to the identity of the mysterious Kentei. According to Koukin, Soujin is a B-rank fighter who is in charge of leading and managing low-level Kyoshou fighters. (