Soujirou Agata

安形 惣司郎

Age: 19 Birthday: December 5, 1991 Gender: Male Blood Type: O Height: 181 cm. Weight: 66 kg. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black School: Kaimei High School Likes: Afternoon naps, shogi Dislikes: Studying, work Affiliation: Student Council President of the Student Council and a Third year student. A very charismatic, laid-back individual, who seemingly does nothing as President. He entrusts most responsibilities to the Vice President, Sasuke Tsubaki. His IQ is around 160. His ability to read and understand people is used to manipulate them to do what he wants, such as motivating Bossun into competing with him seriously. This same ability is why he has the complete loyalty of Student Council members, Sasuke and Daisy. His performance in the Gachinko Vivage Battle's "Pixie Garden" match with Bossun shows that he is a good strategist, who learns quickly, and is adept at lying. Despite his ruthlessness, and professions that he isn't a nice guy, he's against cheating to win. He has a tendency to forget things he's said, such as the bet he pretended to make with Bossun to get him fired up. He is Saaya Agata's older brother. He stepped down near the end of his third school year, Tsubaki Sasuke replaced him. Source: Wikipedia