Souma Kanzaki

神崎 颯馬

Also Known As:

  • Zaki-san

Unit: AKATSUKI Age: 16 Birthday: April 20 Club: Marine Bio Club Serious, rigid, and quick to jump to conclusions—whenever his emotions run high, Souma would attempt to draw the sword he's carrying everywhere, especially at those who are dishonest. His family is of the Kanzaki style and famous in the world of kendo. He honestly admits his mistakes, but it quickly leads to self-blame and rigorous training. Despite his serious disposition, he joined the Marine Bio Club (one of the most suspicious clubs in the academy) and has great respect for Kanata Shinkai. He doesn't get along with Kaoru Hakaze from the same club, but hits it off with Adonis Otogari, his classmate. (Source: Ensemble Stars! Wikia)