Soutarou Kanou

叶 爽太郎

Date of Birth: December 29th Height: 182 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood type: A A withdrawn male student who is initially against Misaki as the student council President because of her aspirations of increasing the female population of Seika High. In order to sabotage her presidency, Kanou tries to hypnotize Misaki, Usui, and the student council with his pupil-less eyes (one of the very few, random supernatural aspects of the series) into ruining Misaki’s reputation. It is revealed that his gynophobic attitude comes from his mother abandoning his family when he was young and his father warning him to be wary of women, and after failing to hypnotize Misaki, she punishes him by assigning him to work closely with his female classmates during the school's cultural festival, in hopes of forcing him to get over his fear. The punishment is ultimately successful, and he slowly becomes friendlier with Misaki and the rest of his female peers, as well as with Yukimura. Though he runs against Misaki during her re-election as President, he opposes using underhanded means to gain victory, remains on good terms with her, and is genuinely surprised when he realizes his supporters weren't aware of the extent of all that Misaki had accomplished, asking them "didn't you guys already know that the student council president is an incredible person?" (Source: Wikipedia)