Spark is a young man who wants to be a knight, but he is unable to because he made a bad decision once and tried to take on some of the dark elves by himself rather than going to get help. Because of this King Kashue feels he is not ready to become a knight yet, but he respects Spark so he lets him lead a band of merceneries in hope of trying to stop Wagnard the evil wizard from resurrecting Kardis, the Goddess of Destruction. Although Spark is young, he is very brave and determined. Along the way to find Wagnard, he falls in love with Neese, the daughter of Slayn and Leilia. Unfortunately it is little Neese's destiny to be sacrificed in order for Kardis to come back. Now Spark is more determined than ever to win back the girl he loves. Well, that's all I'll say since I don't want to spoil anything for anyone!