Staff Officer Black


Also Known As:

  • Adjutant Black
  • Assistant Black

Adjutant Black isn't given much of a role in the Dragon Ball series. Soft-spoken and quick-witted, Black carries out Commander Red's orders and informs Red of the current situations with the remaining Red Ribbon officers. It is also worth noting that Black is one of the few black people to appear in Dragon Ball. Overhearing Red's joyful speech about becoming a taller person, Black was appalled, saying that his mad ambition has cost the Army dearly as shown in Goku's invasion, and may eventually lead to its defeat. Red replies it doesn't matter how many soldiers he risks as long as he reaches his goal, and makes it clear that he is just a lackey, and is as the rest of the Red Ribbon Army, expendable. Angered, Black then shot Red in the head with his pistol, killing him instantly. In the anime, Goku was offered a position in Black's new army — the Black Ribbon Army — which Goku refused. Goku killed Black after he tried to kill him in a robotic suit.