Stiyl Magnus


Also Known As:

  • Fortis931

Age: 14 Height: 200cm (6.56 ft) Classification: Magician, Priest Affiliation: Anglican Church (Necessarius) A sorcerer from Necessarius. His sorcery name is Fortis931. He is an extremely heavy smoker; he claims a world without nicotine would be hell. He specializes in using flames and is able to use a flame sword or summon a 3000 degree Celsius fire called Innocentius ("King of Witch Hunters") to battle his enemies. Despite his looks, he is actually fourteen-years-old and ironically is physically weak. He mostly has a bad temper but is actually kind, as he cares about Index very much and his failure to save her life without losing her memories was his greatest regret. When he learns the Church lied to him and Kaori about Index's condition, he decides to disobey orders to capture Index and let her live her life. (Source: Wikipedia)