A Guardian Character skilled in baking sweets and doing house work. A "my pace" character that is prone to silly mistakes. She has short hair with the sides grown long, curling inwards. She wears a bandanna on her head with a clover shaped hair clip and a green theme maid outfit. Dislikes caterpillars. She is also very fond of Amu's teacher, Nikaidou, showing this by giving him new, hot coffee, cleaning up his "lab," and showing excitement when she sees him by saying things like, "Sensei!" and hugging him. Amu gains an improvement in cooking during Character Change. Magical abilities like summoning large amounts of whip cream is also observed. In addition her speech and behavior becomes more lady-like. She has a habit of ending her sentences with "-desu" in the Japanese version. Amu becomes "Amulet Clover" when she Character Transforms with Suu. The clover decoration of her Humpty Lock changes to the color green. She wears a green themed balloon skirt maid costume. Her special skill is "Remake Honey," a restoration type skill. Suu says "Chip, Syrup, Whip!" during a Character Change with Amu. Ran's, Miki's and Suu's Character Transformations all share another special skill, "Open Heart!" It is a skill that cleanse X eggs and X Characters. However, Suu's skill of "Open Heart" has never been shown as of yet, probably due to the fact that she uses "Remake Honey" as a cleansing attack. Suu does Open Heart in Shugo Chara!! Doki! with Amu