Subaru Mimasaka

美作 昴

Also Known As:

  • King of Stalkers

Subaru Mimasaka is a 92nd Tootsuki Generation student of Tootsuki Culinary Academy. Subaru initially comes off as an intimidating, punk-ish man due in part from his physical appearance. However, Subaru appears to be honorable and friendly, showing no animosity to Souma Yukihira despite his infamy in the academy. Behind the mask of honor, however, Subaru is actually sadistic and cruel. It is noted that Mimasaka does not have any specialty in cooking. Instead, through his methods of research and stalking, he predicts and uses the opponent's own dish as his own and adds his own predicted or necessary steps to win against his opponent. Although a dirty tactic, he does not show any care about it, because he only cares for winning. Through his methods he has won 100 Shokugekis in a row, defeating Aldini Takumi for his 100th and losing to Souma Yukihira afterwards. When he wins a Shokugeki, he has the opposite party give up their beloved kitchen tools, including Aldini Takumi's mezzaluna and the memento of a chef's late mother, showing his cruel side. When facing Souma, he wages to return all 100 of his stolen tools against Souma's word that he will not cook anymore should he lose.