Subaru Shirogane

白銀 スバル

Subaru debuted in Cross Fight B-Daman near Kakeru's working booth at the town market. He was being spoken too by his Rev-Dravise unknown to Kakeru, Kakeru confronts him about the voice but Subaru simply walks away without a word. Later on he is seen by Kakeru within a B-Daman Facility training with his Rev-Dravise. While practicing he fires off a combination of shots that from themselves into a Dragon and strike the wall showing off Subaru's power. After he is finished he and the other facility members welcome Kakeru. During testing Subaru recieves a perfect score on stage 2 once again showing off his power. After testing is over Subaru stays behind to detail the real strength that Kakeru showed by destroying the testing wall. (Source: Wikipedia)