Suiren Koushuu

甲州 翠怜

Also Known As:

  • Ootsuki Miina

SpoLuna's main newscaster. Nicknamed "Ren Hime(Princess)". Her beauty and intellectual speech gained much popularity from the viewers. She strictly coaches the newbie announcer Mina, but not visibly she seems to have expectations for her. She has an active side of her like riding a motorcycle, for example. As 'Ootsuki Miina', she was already actively working before Mina became Tsukishiro Miina. When transformed, she speaks in a somewhat manly way. Her character also become bit rough, and often tends to destroy the surroundings while concentrating on battle. However such stirring character and revealing costumes gained many fans; as a result she's ranked number 1 from the Mina Ranking in the whole space. Her transformation vegetable is black turnips. Special abilities are "Black Turnip Tonfer" and "Black Turnip Punch".