Sumire Hanano

花野 菫

Birthday: August 7th (Leo) Height: 158 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood Type: A Favourite Food: Macaron, grilled beef tongue, grilled beef kalbi Hobby: Reading Shoujo manga School: Municipal Mizusawa High School - Year 1 Class 5 - Karuta Club member Karuta Society: Shiranami Society - No Class - - - - - A first-year who's just been dumped by her boyfriend. She’s part of the twenty-strong recruiting class of prospective members the Karuta Club manages to attract, but she's not remotely interested in the Hundred Poets. She has a love interest in Taichi Mashima. (Wikepedia) - - - - - After being dumped by her boyfriend, Sumire decides to target handsome Karuta Club president Taichi and join the Karuta club. Even though she initially joined the club to be closer to Taichi, she is moved by everyone else’s passion and starts to become a proper member of the club. Personality: Mascara for life, and a carnivorous woman. What she wants is someone who will love her adorable self. She believes love is everything, and can be said to be a love-loving idiot. Even though she first was drawn to Taichi by his looks, her love for him kept growing as she learnt more about him. A total opposite of Chihaya, Sumire is sensible to love. She knows of Taichi’s feeling for Chihaya, but she has no intention of backing down. She is a girl who loves makeup and dressing up and making herself pretty, and her motto is to “Put on mascara, even in a fire� Favourite Song: Poem #9 Colour of the flower Has already faded away, While in idle thoughts My life passes vainly by, As I watch the long rains fall.