Sumireko Hanabusa

英 純恋子

Age: 16
Birthdate: June 20
Blood type: A
Height: 163 cm
Status: Alive
Attendance Number: 12
Occupation: Student (former), Assassin
Famous Quote: "I survived all this without a worker bee. You and I are very different. I'm the real queen. I'm the strongest."

The daughter of a conglomerate CEO, and the last student to transfer into Class Black. She's rich enough to bring her own furniture to the class, but she doesn't mean to cause anyone inconvenience. Notably, she has the same eyes as Tokaku. She's considerably warmer to people than Tokaku is, but she's hinted to be one of the more dangerous members of Class Black.

She intentionally waited until all of the other assassins (aside from Nio) had finished their attempts before she started her own, because her wish was to prove that she was the strongest by killing Haru herself. She and Haru are the only students who are aware of Class Black's true intention.

In her episode, she is revealed to be a cyborg. The reason her body ended up the way it is now is because she got involved in the struggle for power.
She is considerably colder in the anime than in the manga, especially when she gives Banba's unconscious body her Flower Motif as a sign of her expulsion and leaves—more so than Isuke. Her speech and mannerisms are much more formal.

She is the strongest person in the series. In the last episode, She is back in her mansion in good condition and plans to take up cooking.
The creator of Akuma no Riddle stated that she has a crush on her roommate, Mahiru Banba.



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