Also Known As:

  • Sani

Race: Human Gender: Male Birthday: 7 September Age: 24 (start of the series); 28 (Post-Time Skip) Status: Alive Height: 187cm Weight: 200 kg Blood Type: AB Affiliation: Four Heavenly Kings; IGO Occupation: Gourmet Hunter Hors-D'oeuvre: Beautiful Skin Caviar Soup: Charis Lobster Soup Fish Dish: Skin Whitening Tuna Meat Dish: Perfect Beauty Cattle Main: Jewel Meat Salad: Mochi Skin Bean Sprouts Dessert: EARTH (yet to acquire) Drink: Charis Dragon Scale Sake Sunny (Sani) is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" (四天王, shitennou), he is first shown to have great strength, like Toriko, introduced carrying a Regal Mammoth with one arm, although this was merely a clever trick due to the fact that he was actually using his monstrously strong hair, each one of its strings being strong enough to lift nearly 50 pounds. He is Rin's older brother and a calm, collected pretty boy who judges the "beauty" of people's actions. He speaks in an elegant and almost flirting manner. He has a way of "knocking" without even touching the target, mostly related to his "sensor" talent which allows him to know the physical state of those around him. His "sensor" is actually thousands upon thousands of super thin hairs that can reach a maximum of 25 feet (7.6 m) in length. Sunny's body has a very high body temperature and powerful sense of touch, being touched by his hair or any part of his body can only be described as Sunny tasting whatever he is touching. He seeks "harmony" in his dishes which is the perfect use of ingredients, perfect handling of the food and most importantly producing a prefect taste. He seems to be slightly in love with Komatsu (or at least his skills since they seem to produce the "harmony Sunny looks for in meals). When he saw Rin, his calm personality disappears and is replaced by that of an over-protective older brother that is shocked by how much her body changed (gained weight from too many sweets), this leads to a rather comical sibling spat between the two. Despite this, anyone who harms Rin runs the risk of provoking his ire, in which case there is a 999.999 percent chance of said person dying. He is also aware of his sisters infatuation with Toriko and approves of it. He shows this when saying "If you wish to take him as a husband, as long as he keeps you safe, I will be okay with it. I will make no objections nor voice any complaints." He, and the other Four Heavenly Kings, were trained by Ichiryuu, the President of the IGO.