Also Known As:

  • Suu

Age: Approx. 1000 Faction: Night Raid User: Najenda Susanoo is one of the new members of Night Raid that Boss brought back with her from the Revolutionary Army HQ. He is a tall man with distinctive bull horns coming out of the sides of his head. He saves the members of Night Raid(except Tatsumi), who were all under the effects of a powerful poison created by Dr. Stylish. He is then caught in an explosion created by Stylish's exploding minions, and it is revealed that he is a Human Teigu, regenerating his lost limbs immediately. In Chapter 43, he stays behind to fight Esdeath, allowing the rest of Night Raid to escape from her. At the end of the chapter, Esdeath destroys Susanoo's core, which leads to his death.