Suzu Kitamura

北村 鈴 / 大和屋 鈴

Age: 15 Eye Colour: Reddish-brown Hair Colour: Silver Height: Medium Affiliation: Choshuu Position in Choshuu: Yoshida's disciple and page Seiyuu: Imai Yuka Suzu lost his older brother to the Shinsengumi when he was a little younger, and hence hates the Shinsengumi. Yoshida convinces him to avenge his brother by becoming his disciple and killing the Miburo. Suzu sincerely believes that the evil Yoshida is kind at heart although he puts on a cruel, unforgiving face (somewhat like Hijikata). What he fails to see is that Yoshida enjoys killing, and is not at all kind at heart. He is extremely loyal to his sensei and will do anything to please him (within reason). His obligation seems to lie with Yoshida and not Choshuu, the opposing group he is affiliated with.