Suzuna Hiiragi

柊 鈴菜

Also Known As:

  • Ngangu

She is Kirihime's editor, who works at Shorinsha Literature Dept, 2nd Literary section, a company that publishes Kirihime's works. She is rather unstable, hyperactive, as well as a masochistic, that she actually wants to be abuse by the latter. She also likes acting out and quoting certain anime phrases, which suggest that she is also an otaku. She is behind the exaggerated rumors about the slasher, knowing that Kirihime would be curious enough to investigate and to get the latter out of a slump. It was later on reveled that she too can read Kazu's mind and communicate with him. She is very proficient in using pens as her throwing weapon. (Source: Otaku-streamers forum)