Sven Vollfied


Birthday: June 23 Height: 180cmC, Inventing support items Hobbies: Being well groomed, polishing cars Motto: be kind to women and weak children Former IBI detective, Sven is now a sweeper, and Train's partner. He also takes Eve in as a sort of daughter after the events at Torneo's place. Sven's outlook is much calmer and more logical than Train's; he often has to use his brain to win battles since he doesn't possess the Black Cat's pure physical power. He follows a strict "gentlemen's code", which often makes him seem older to other characters. The Forseeing Eye (under the eyepatch) allows him to glimpse into the future at the cost of great mental strain. In the manga, it eventually evolves into the Glasper Eye which can manipulate time. He otherwise fights with a briefcase filled with gadgets.