Syaoran Li


Mysterious person kept asleep in a liquid chamber at Fei Wong Reed's palace, with his left eye covered by a piece of cloth, his hands and arms by binding spells and wearing clothes marking Fei Wong Reed's bat symbol. Syaoran Name: Syaoran's name is Chinese in origin, commonly romanized from Chinese as Xiaolang. His given name, Syaoran (�狼), in both Chinese and Japanese, means "little wolf". His last name, Li (�), is a common Chinese surname, meaning "plum". In Korea and occasionally in Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is romanized as Lee. Manga Spoilers: In fact, this Syaoran is the original while the Syaoran at Sakura's side is only a clone that Fei Wong Reed created. This Syaoran is of Clow Reed's bloodline and can thus use magic. He gave his eye and with it half of his heart to his clone to stop Fei Wong's plan temporarily. He was depicted as a villain, occasionally controlling the protagonist's movements, until it was discovered that the protagonist Syaoran is his clone. Syaoran is the son of Clone Syaoran and Clone Sakura (who were reincarnated in the another world). As a child, Syaoran was sent to Clow Country by his mother and father for seven days, because he was "needed". After a week with Sakura, he decides to remain in the country with Sakura. She falls under attack, and Syaoran hesitates to save her, which causes her to have a curse cast upon her that willl eventually kill her. Seven years after Syaoran's arrival, this curse takes full effect, and Syaoran hastily wishes that he could turn back time to the day he failed to protect her. Fei Wong Reed appears to grant his wish, exacting his freedom and time as a price, also creating "replacement being" for him, Watanuki. Syaoran becomes a prisoner of Fei Wong, his time rewound to seven years earlier, until the day the seal on the Clone's eye is broken. This Syaoran is able to summon the sword used by his father, which was passed down to him along with the alias "Syaoran". His real name is unknown. He uses the same spells as his father, including the devastating lighting based attack 'Raitei Shourai'. His real name is Tsubasa, as revealed at the end of the manga. This is the same as Real Sakura's name. (Source: Wikipedia) In Horitsuba Gakuen, he is Syaoran's twin brother called Syaoron (シャオロン, ��).