Sylvester Asimov


Nationality: Russia Mars Ranking: #3 Age: 51 Height: 190 cm Weight: 136 kg Surgery Base: Tasmanian King Crab (Pseudocarcinus Gigas) Eye color: Light Brown Blood type: O Favorite food: Ram, whale, red bean sponge cake Dislikes: Janitors refuse to work on functioning toilets Birthdate: May 5 (Taurus) Talent: Figuring out the password on his daughter cell Sylvester Asimov is a Russian man and a militar that chose to join the Annex Project to save his daughter from the deadly A.E. Virus that afflicts Earth. Sylvester is an officer and is considered to be one of the strongest members of the Annex I. After receiving his M.O. Operation Sylvester gained the powers and abilities of the Tasmanian King Crab, giving him incredible strength and durability which allows him to endure heavy hits from the roaches without suffering damage and crush them easily. Moreover, he is able to eventually regenerate any lost limbs after few minutes with little effort. Even without the use of the drug, Sylvester possesses the strength & skill to kill a Terraformar with his bare fists. He is skilled in Judo. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)