Also Known As:

  • Princess Sylvia

A member of the Royalty and Hime's older sister. She is shown wearing a dress while being blindfolded, gagged, and restrained by leather straps. A tap has been installed on her where blood can be collected. She was happy to hear that Severin was dead and was a little frustrated that she wasn't the one that got to kill him. Despite this setup she is not in the least bit bothered. Later, she is freed by Micasa and rejoins the Royal War with Micasa as her new blood warrior. In the future, Sylvia had killed Duken and as such, Sylvia and Sherwood are the only siblings left in the battle and is winning against Sherwood. She duels Hime but is interrupted by the mermaid who wounds Hime. Sylvia prepares to deal the final blow, but is stopped by an older and much more battle-hardened Hiro. (Source: Wikipedia)