Also Known As:

  • Son of the Prime Minister

Shura is a mysterious individual who has recently begun to make his move. He seems to share his father's lust for power as well as his corruption but wishes to surpass him in terms of being rotten. He created and is leading the majorly corrupt and twisted Secret Police "Wild Hunt" to aid the Jägers and to compensate for their losses; however, he regards the empire as a toy. The incident in the theater implies he solely enjoys causing carnage. Also much like Cosmina, Champ, and Enshin, Shura took part in the mass rape during the Umatora Theater incident where the producer denies the accusation of it's plays criticizing the Empire and tries to bribe Shura, but he declines the money in a heartbeat declaring the death sentence on them leading to the entire team being raped and killed by Wild Hunt in which Shura shows his twisted side by calling this action an investigation. He then mentions that this is all because Esdeath was not present in the Capital. After his devilish act, Shura joyfully tells his father how much of a kick he gets from leading Wild Hunt telling he made preparations to take out Night Raid. Along with his father, he watches the Great General Budo arrive. In Chapter 52, he tortures what he thinks is an unarmed Lubbock; however, Lubbock manages to trick Shura into removing his shackles. He then pulls some string out of his mouth and immediately kills Shura.