Agu's close friend who supports her in confessing her feelings for Funco. She is a Taiwanese T91 and is usually nicknamed "Fountainhead" by Ichiroku because of the several pigtails she wears throughout her hair. Tei also wears a G-string as her panties, in which the length can be adjusted using the string, just like her namesake gun which has a collapsible buttstock, just like the M4A1 Type: Assault rifle Place of origin: Taiwan Specifications Weight 3.17 kg Length 880 mm (stock extended) 800 mm (stock retracted) Barrel length 406 mm Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO Action gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire 800-850 RPM Muzzle velocity 975 m/s Effective range 600 m Feed system Various STANAG Magazines. Sights M16A2-style sights with windage and elevation adjustments Picatinny railing can be used for mounting various optical sights