Also Known As:

  • Gatomon

Tailmon appears similar to a white Egyptian kitten, with enormous yellow and red gloves and black claws. In the dub, she speaks in a soft, drawling voice. The Japanese version, however, has her in a much older voice to reflect her maturity as a Adult level Digimon. As Plotmon, she acts more youthful like many of the Child level Digimon. Her name, "Gatomon," comes from "gato", which means "cat" in Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese. Story: Tailmon first appeared in Digimon Adventure as a malicious Digimon working for Vamdemon. As a Digi-Egg, Tailmon had been separated from the other seven Chosen Digimon. When she later digivolved into Plotmon, Vamdemon took her under his wing. Plotmon eventually naturally evolved into Tailmon and became one of Vamdemon's lieutenants in his army of Digimon. During this time, she gained a rival in one of his other minions, PicoDevimon, as the two competed for their master's favour. Her only friend was Wizarmon, a friendly Digimon who Tailmon had once helped. Tailmon also bears red X-shaped scars from when Vamdemon "beat" her because he did not like her eyes. (Source: Wikipedia)