Shigi Taishiji

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Taishi Ci

Manga version
A skilled and honorable fighter who refused to kill Hakufu despite being ordered to do so. He tried to stop other assassins from finishing his job but was stabbed in the back as a consequence, putting him in a coma and paralyzing him from the waist down. However, he seems to be recovering from his injuries. He used to be one of Ukitsu's sparring partners. It is said that Uktisu always held back when sparring with Shigi because she liked him.

She was still injuring him in these fights. While Shiji was kept in the hospital, a girl from Nanyo often visited him and sat by his side. It turns out that the girl was transferring her chi into Shigi for him to recover from his injuries. He wakes from his coma in time to join the Sekiheki battle, rescuing several injured Nanyo/Seito fighters and defeating Khannei (possessed by Ryofu's bloodlust)
Anime version
Exactly the same as in the manga, except there is no mention of his past with Ukitsu. He also does not recover from his coma.

(Source: Wikipedia)