Takafumi Yokozawa


28 years old. Studied with Takano at the same college. Helped him to get through the hard period of his life. They slept twice but never went out. Yokozawa took Takano's cat away from him, saying that a person that can't take care of himself has no right to keep a pet. However later on the cat got used to Yokozawa and stayed with him. Yokozawa's been in love with Takano since college days, even having erased the latter's while phone book and left only his number there after their first night together. He honestly worries about Masamune and despises Onodera for hurting him and trying to get close to him again. Later on Masamune tells him that the one he loves is Onodera and tells him not to stick his nose into Masamune's love life. This frustrates Yokozawa who exclaims that he's the only one who knows everything about him, he was with Masamune during his most difficult years, and yet why does he love Onodera? Masamune only says that that's how it is. Yokozawa calms down and says that he still wants to work with him and be friends with him, but he needs time. Takano apologizes to him. Later on Yokozawa seems to change his attitude towards Onodera even trying to praise him for his work. However he says that if Onodera ever dares to hurt Masamune, Yokozawa will take him back. Works at the sales department of Marukawa Shoten. His temper has earned him a nickname "wild bear". He's a professional and is valued at the company. According to Hatori it's all thanks to Yokozawa that Takano got a job transfer to Marukawa. Despite his bad temper and attitude he works hard and takes pride in his company. He also seems to love cats. This love is mutual. Makes Onodera think that Yokozawa might actually be a kind person.