Takami Komoda

古茂田 孝美

Also Known As:

  • Komo

Her chair was a wooden, fancy, Victorian-style chair. The only daughter of a Navy official, it was through Komo that the army discovered the kids' involvement with Zearth. She was almost losing her battle when the enemy pilot gave up and ran away. His only daughter (who was around Komo's age) was killed by relatives of victims of previous battles occurred in their world and he could not bring himself to kill a child even to save his own planet, as he had nobody important to him left to protect. The Japanese government set up a plan to lure him up to a piano recital held by Komoda after revealing to the world some bits of information regarding Zearth and its pilot's name. In the end the enemy pilot attended the recital and was so moved by Komo's performance, that he allowed himself to be killed by her father a few minutes before the time limit ended. Komoda's setup is far more simple in the anime series. Not only she easily defeats her enemy by herself, but the whole story between her and the enemy pilot is omitted. Her father, whose position was changed to a politician, plays a more significant role in the story, as he tries to use his influence to reveal to the world the truth behind Zearth and the children, which end up costing him not only his career, but his life as well. (Source: Wikipedia)