Takami Sahashi

佐橋 高美

Takami Sahashi is the mother of Minato and Yukari and the MBI's head researcher and person in charge of Sekirei Plan. She revealed that she lied about working at a pharmaceutical company to Minato after the escape plan when she took him in temporary custody. Whenever she's angry or making jokes, she makes a demonic facial visage, a trait that is shared with Yukari. She, along with Hiroto, discovered the Sekirei ship. She is also the adjuster of Homura (together with Takehito), Musubi, Shiina and Kusano, possibly out of shame as she frequently expresses doubt and disgust at Hiroto for what he is doing. She has a long scar over her left eye, which she received from Yomi while trying to protect Kusano. In chapter 100 of the manga, it is revealed that she gave birth to Minato out of wedlock with Minaka due to her refusal to allow Minaka to be part of their family.