Takamichi T. Takahata


Also Known As:

  • Death Glasses

Takamichi T. Takahata is the teacher Negi replaces at Mahora, though he takes up a position as an art teacher. He was a member of Ala Rubra, and though he was only a child at the time, he fought actively during the war. Although he is greatly respected (and quite famous) in the magic community, he is a magic school dropout due to the fact that he cannot perform incantations. Instead, he uses "kankah�", a fighting style that combines eastern Ki, western magic, and a bare-fist version of iaid�, "iaiken". Asuna is obsessed with him, though he hides the truth from her, and that he erased her memories of the Magic World. He comments that he has no right to be loved for an unknown reason. His fighting style and personal appearance/habits, including cigarette smoking, are based on Gateau von Vandenberg, another Ala Rubra member who was his master.