She is the dragon goddess of Kifune Mountain. She is a very powerful god that the twelve Shinshou including Seimei respect. When Kyuuki and his demons came to Japan, he manipulated Akiko's cousin Keiko to seal her so that he and his demons could hide at Kifune Mountain without interference. Masahiro who used his magic to break the seal later freed her.

As a sign of gratitude, she saves Masahiro's life after a possessed Akiko stabs him. Later in the series, she helps Masahiro and his companions when the capital is in trouble. She also took over Masahiro's body to discuss important issues with Guren regarding Masahiro but later decides to tell the latter herself in her human form.

She usually appears as a white dragon but later appears as a purple haired woman in her 30's usually telling anyone to call her Takao when she is in her human form.

She later gave to Masahiro Kagutsuchi flames that has the power to kill gods in order to kill Guren who has been corrupted.