Takashi Furukawa

古川 たかし

First appearance: Battle 20
Type: Dou
Type: Satsujin Ken
Martial Arts: Street Fighting

Furukawa Takashi first appears in chapter 20 with a group of members that tried to capture Kenichi. When he fights Kenichi, he appears to hold his own, but he snaps after he starts to bleed from Kenichi's punch and resorts to using a knife, which quickly frightens Kenichi. Fortunately, Miu knocks the knife right out of Takashi's hand with Kenichi's belt.

Later on, when Kenichi is on his way home, he tries to take Kenichi to Kisara once again. This time, after a long day spent training with Shigure, Kenichi is able to overcome his fear of weapons and easily defeats Takashi, during which he rants about how he had to spend the day dodging a sword because of Takashi.



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